Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bark: Incursion - Chapter Thirty-Three

2702. – Crab Nebula; CFV-B Pallas

“Oh, god.” Kat gasped. I saw the starbase being bisected again and again by the crimson particle beams from the Thrinax dreadnoughts, secondary explosions briefly lighting up the void. The starfield wheeled across the viewport violently as Kat began evasive manoeuvres, sinking into her seat with a grunt from the massive g-forces. “Come on, turn, you son of a bitch.”

I knew exactly how the encounter was going to unfold, but was powerless to change or stop it.

“Oh, no.” The immense Thrinax behemoth filled the shuttle’s canopy, one of its forward beam cannons glowing ominously, ready to fire. Kat turned to me, helpless and despairing, a hand on her swollen belly, as if trying to protect her unborn twins from what we both knew, with utter certainty, was going to happen next. “Gus…”

My mind’s eye blinked.

Nova sat in the pilot’s chair of the shuttle, naked and heavily pregnant.

“Gus, I love you.” Nova said, just as the beam cannon flared, ripping the shuttle apart.

I woke screaming. 
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