Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Byte: Elite: Dangerous - 1.2 Wings Beta Test Flight Video Uploading Frenzy!

CALL ME CRAZY. But, for you, dear reader, I've used an entire afternoon abusing the upload channel on my fibre optic broadband to free up a huge amount of space on my hard drive (instead clogging up Youtube), posting all the footage I took trialling the ships I'd not gotten around to flying yet, thanks to the cheap access I had to them in the 1.2 Wings Beta.

My priority was to fly the Imperial Clipper, because I've been wanting to fly that since they put it into the game at the end of the initial Beta test. Gosh, it's a beauty. WANT.

I also got reacquianted with an old friend, the Anaconda, whom I miss dearly. Such a good ship... such a fortune to amass to make buying one worthwhile... It'll be a long time before I fly one again.

The Python test flight video I actually uploaded a while ago, but I've not gotten around to posting the link here yet. So here you are. I like the Python. I'll definitely get one in the future.

Likewise with the Vulture test flight video. That's also been online for a little while, but I'm still just as ambivalent about the ship now as I was then. And this is despite me having about 10 million credits invested in one at Jameson Memorial...

It was also a bit of a priority for me to get my hands on a Fer-de-Lance. Having been cruelly denied flying one in either Frontier or First Encounters (some tosh in the lore about it being "too powerful" to be trusted in the hands of private pilots, as I recall), I've been waiting for 30 years to fly one. It's not bad at all, but it's a bit of a "luxury player" of a ship. By that I mean that it costs too much, doesn't track back and thinks it looks and performs better than it actually does... Would I buy one? Maybe...? The Python is the better all-rounder, though.

Lastly, and the less I say about this the better, is the Federal Dubstep. Let's just say that I'm glad to have purged the hard drive of all evidence that I ever flew it... It's so crap, even Youtube thinks that the video should have been stabilised...
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