Thursday, August 07, 2014

Byte: Worth the round trip

It should be noted that this is a real thing. I'd heard about the contact binary in the i Bootis system, but until tonight I'd never made the effort to get out there and see it, since it's a 40,000 light second round trip from Chango Dock - that's a short jaunt of, ooh, 12,000 million kilometres. TOTALLY freaking worth it, though. Especially when I took a poke around some of the USS contacts around the binary and found a staging point for Federation ships making incursions into Eranin.
I did briefly consider being a total jerk and shooting at one of the Anacondas and timing how long it would take me to die, but I didn't want to pay the repair bill. Still, pretty awesome to see the rebel fleet massing near Sullust (sorry, wrong universe) like that. I hope that in the final version, people will be able to take missions and group up to carry out strikes on the Federation teams before they head off for the conflict zones. That might almost be worth not playing solo for... I need to find some reputable pilots to play in a private grouping with.
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