Saturday, August 09, 2014

Byte: USS enterprise

I've been waiting to use that pun for a week. Totally worth it! Since the first confirmed kill of the pirate lord in Beta 1, I have mainly been raiding USS's (unidentified signal sources) in LP 98-132 and Morgor to try to find and take down Colossus. I haven't managed to find it quite yet, but I did successfully take down a pirate Anaconda in the Morgor system, without even taking hull damage, which I was especially pleased with myself about.

Cordelia only rated a bounty of 1750 credits (Colossus is worth over 7000 and more if you K-Warrant scan it), but I was pleased to see that targetting the power plant of the ship does give you a quicker kill, so I only sustained moderate shield damage during the encounter. I'm definitely getting better at the combat. I'm even doing quite well against multiple opponents, which visiting a system like Morgor (remember, one does not simply fly into Morgor!) will challenge you with. I'd only once flown up against four simultaneous Sidewinders before. I'd blatted two before the other pair beat a hasty retreat, but this time, all four stuck around for the duration, and while I took a bit of a beating, I did manage to dispatch all four (albeit with 53% damage to my hull).

At the recommendation of someone on the Beta discussion forum, I've swapped out my point defence system for a heat sink launcher, and it does seem to give me a little more combat endurance before overheating, as I've got all four of my weapons linked into the same fire group, so that I can have the Kill Warrant Scanner assigned to my secondary fire group. At some point I will do some citizenship science, as I did with a little project to try and figure out how ship mass effects hyperspace range, to see just how effective the heat sink launcher actually is at extending the amount of time you can use your weapons or engine boosters without overheating.
I also had another go at boiling the Type 9 Heavy in Morgor that brings in Eagle fighter support. This time I managed to survive the engagement, with only 30% hull damage. I might have had a bit more trouble, though, if three Eagles had jumped in, rather than the two I did fight. It's still reassuring, however, that my preferred combat weapon loadout of two C3 gimballed multicannons and two C1 gimballed burst lasers has thus far pretty much proved capable of seeing off all comers, at least in one-on-one combat.

Woo! Pretty 'splodes!

During my USS exploration yesterday, I also discovered that you can pick up bounties for murder by destroying derelict craft with no pilots - very bizarre!

And also that the Wyrd system has the starport with the prettiest interior I've seen so far.


I'll have to visit here more often, because as it turns out, I like Wyrd...
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