Friday, August 29, 2014

Byte: Elite: Dangerous - Wolf Pack Hunting

Last night I downsized my Anaconda for a Cobra, as I was playing on an open server with an old gamer buddy of mine, Dr Barnowl. I mainly fanny about accidentally colliding with things, hitting wrong controls on my new joystick, and generally wish that I hadn't bothered swapping out one of my C4 cannons for a C3 Gimballed multi-cannon. Oh, and there's no commentary, because I recorded this at 1am in the morning and I didn't want my girlfriend to think I was developing a mental illness. This is my first gaming video ever, so y'know, be nice. Eventually some sort of (incredibly amateur) post-production will happen to my videos in the future, as I will probably make a few of these from now on. Because, that's just what the internet needs, isn't it? Another Scottish Physicist making Youtube videos about space games...

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