Friday, August 29, 2014

Byte: Elite: Dangerous - Who needs docking computers?

I've previously spoken a little bit about how useless the docking computers are, unless you want to go and make a cup of tea while your ship pirouettes its merry way to the docking bay. After my brief foray into open play last night, I rebought an Anaconda in LHS 3262 and headed over to Aulin Enterprise to see if they had a Plasma Accelerator and any Class 6 Cannons (they did). Just to prove that a) I do normally fly an Anaconda, and b) that docking computers aren't necessary for even the big ships, I thought I'd record the evidence.

The video runs from just after the supercruise exit to touchdown - all done in the time it takes for the docking computer to mangle its way through the docking port from 1km, and nary a scratched shield. Not bad considering it was my first Anaconda landing after I'd spent the whole of my previous E:D gaming session in a Cobra. Sometimes, I amaze even myself...
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