Sunday, June 01, 2014

Bark/Byte: Holidaying against the dying light

Well, what a week that was. Not terribly productive, in any sense. I failed to finish rewriting my second draft of my space opera novel, didn't really do any work at all (either for work or for my burgeoning pottery enterprise), and this week, humanity really showed just how backwards-looking it can be in its politics and the way it treats women as second-class citizens in just about every respect imaginable.
Even this promo image for the latest in a tedious string of multiplayer survival horror games earned my ire this week:
Nice, huh? It's practically screaming "violence against women is okay, kids!", even if that's not the intention - it's normalising the image of a faceless, partially mutilated, dead woman. Not the kind of thing I want to see when I load up Steam, thanks very much. So, developers, you're not getting any of my money, well... ever.
So, with this being my final evening before returning to the chalkface tomorrow, I've been trying to stave off my own depression against the human race by looking to the future... by looking backwards. Okay, WTF brain? Why do you do this to me?
This week, I have, in the absence of anything approaching self-discipline, ploughed far too many hours into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, completing it with my Demon Hunter, Barbarian and Wizard, before putting some serious levels onto my Crusader. It's fairly mindless, old school gaming, though nicely polished and fiendishly addictive (if you'll forgive the pun, given that the game's all about killing demons - and fallen angels). Lately, though, I've been wanting to play something just that little bit deeper, and since everyone else seems to be propelling themselves back to the values that were normal in the mid-1980's, earlier today, I decided to go the extra few quid to buy myself into the Premium Beta for Elite: Dangerous, since the original Elite on the ZX Spectrum was the one game that got me through my teenage years.
Now, I could have waited. I was already on the second-string beta access, because I'd backed the project last year when it got Kickstarted, but I was feeling down enough this afternoon to spend the extra few quid since a) I have absolutely zero interest in buying any other game due out this year, and b) the videos the redoubtable Scott Manley (my hero, incidentally!) has been posting really sealed the deal for me: it looks FUCKING EPIC. And I'm about to find out just how epic it is, since it's just finished installing... So I would blog a little bit more about my middle-class, liberal, intellectual angst, but... SCREW YOU GUYS, I HAVE A FAULCON DELACY SIDEWINDER TO FLY!
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