Monday, January 28, 2013

Bark: A week to forget

The last seven days have been pretty horrible, all in all. I'll be glad to see the back of them. Firstly, I broke down on the way to work with a knackered clutch, which steadily evolved into a knackered clutch, knackered engine flywheel and a leaking radiator, which will set me back to the discordant tune of nearly £1300. As if that wasn't bad enough, because the garage weren't able to get a new radiator in stock before the weekend, I've had to hire a car for an extra three days, setting me back nearly another £150, and just to top things off, my car needs taxing and MOT'ing before the end of the month, so that's another £107, because I only can afford 6 month's tax, thanks to that bombshell landing on my finances, and it might be wise to stagger the outgoings of my car tax and MOT by six month so this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

It was also my 37th birthday on Sunday, but that mostly passed me by, because I've spent about 65 of the last 72 hours asleep in bed, trying to get rid of the throat and chest infection I picked up on Friday night during my supervision of two hours's whole school detention (just the way you want to start your birthday weekend!), so I didn't even get to celebrate that, either. Nary a phone call or an email from my family, either (not that I was in any condition to answer it, but still!), so not a terribly great week. My whole month's salary has gone out of the door as swiftly as it came in, my birthday was a total write off and my lungs still feel like they're staging some kind of coup-de-etat against my other internal organs. I don't rate my chances of getting into work tomorrow.

Still, mustn't grumble, hey?
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