Friday, July 27, 2012

Byte: Summer is here!

It's the summer holidays! YAAAAAAY! So you might see my writing face around here a little more often over the next few weeks. Or maybe not, because I'm back on the Warcrack again.

I soloed Utgardt Pinnacle last night with my Druid, which was quite challenging, but a lot of fun (I was down to about 3k health when I nailed the final boss, Ymiron). Though that was just for fun. I'm playing mostly with my third tier alt characters at the moment - my Paladin, Mage and Priest, and in the course of the last week or so, I've put a combined nine levels or so on them. Gormlaith is now up to a Cataclysmic level 81, Kaeleigh is now up to level 75 and Aoibheann is now level 70. I've also been working a lot on their professions skills, and Gormlaith in particular has been doing pretty well, basically just selling metal bars for blacksmithing in the Auction House - where she made nearly 2000 gold this week - enough to buy her Artisan riding training, without borrowing any gold from my main, Sharéth. Aoibheann's Tailoring and Enchanting skills have been coming on pretty well too, but I have to put another five levels on her to get the next skill tier, which is pretty tiresome, as I don't like playing as a priest that much.

What's worse is that I've topped out my rogue's Inscription skill, and he can't buy the next tier until level 65... and he's currently level 51. Ouch. That's not happening anytime soon, not when I've got to work on my main's leatherworking skill first. Still, it's good to be having fun again with Warcraft, after a brief foray into Star Wars: The Old Republic (tl;dr review - No great shakes) and Diablo III (tl;dr review - Addictive but forgettable).

The other thing that caught my eye in the news recently was this piece on the BBC discussing Gabe Newell (of Valve fame) and his response to Windows 8. No surprise that he feels a bit threatened about Steam's future given the intergration of a Windows Store into the operating system, but if this prompts a migration of Steam to Linux, there will be a lot of happy geeks out there, including me. All my Steam catalogue running seemlessly, without fiddling, on my Ubuntu install? YES, PLEASE! And the sooner the better, please Gabe!