Monday, April 30, 2012

Bark: Screnzy

Well, my Script Frenzy this year was a resounding success. A grand total of 143 pages, written in thirteen days, over the Easter holiday at the beginning of the month. It's essentially my own take on Game of Thrones (but set in a different fantasy world), with elements of The Iliad thrown in for good measure. It's got love, lust, intrigue, violence, religion and politics, plus characters that veer between heroic and admirable to self-centred and despicable - definitely not for kids or safe for work. I've been reading Game of Thrones rapaciously since Christmas (currently on part 1 of A Dance With Dragons in the paperbook format), and the TV series isn't half bad either (though I'm going to have to wait ages until Series 2 comes out on DVD - Winter is coming... slowly!) - it's definitely a massive influence on my psyche right now, and it shows in the script. I've had a lot of fun writing the script, and either over the summer or for next year's Screnzy I'll write the follow up (I see it as a trilogy of films, but set over more of an epic time scale than something like Thrones - decades, rather than months or years), if I get feedback that it's worth doing. I've not had many people offer to read it so far, and fewer who've actually had time to finish it and give me feedback, but it would be nice to think that it'd be worth a second draft and then trying to do something with. Though to be honest, I really wouldn't mind if nothing ever came of it - I was more trying to reconnect with my joy of writing, rather than attempting to reimagine the fantasy film genre - so in that sense, it's a success, even if it were only to linger uselessly on my hard drive for the next couple of decades. I downloaded Celtx a couple of weeks ago to have a play with that, and it's much better than using Word templates to write scripts with. And it's free, which always helps. I've got another two screenplays in mind at the moment, that I'm going to have a bash at over the next few months, which I think would be suitable for TV shows; both based on ideas for short stories I've had knocking around for a couple of years now - one a contemporary drama (semi-factually based on a trip home I had from work one Friday night) and the other being a sci-fi/noir detective story. I must do more writing here, too. I blame Skyrim. I used to write on my blog, but then I took an arrow in the knee...

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