Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bark: The Sabbatical Ends

I've been reading a lot of books this year, and it's really made me very keenly aware of how much I miss the act of writing something that's not a goddamn lesson plan or scheme of learning.

So, after the best part of a two year writing hiatus, I've decided to enlist for this year's Script Frenzy - an exercise I did somewhat successfully way back in 2009. I've had a fantasy short story/novella that's been knocking about for over a year now - to which I added about 15,000 words over Christmas, but upon re-reading it, I'm finding it pretty derivative and not really that great - though I still do like most of my characters. So I'm going to re-write and re-vamp the story with new twist, rather than a traditional high-fantasy swords and sorcery thing, I'm going to give it a more 'Games of Thrones meets The Iliad' vibe, by taking out all the orcs and the elves (or derivatives thereof) and kind of really focus on the human characters, but also really develop the mythology of the setting, harking back to the way Greek gods used to dally in the affairs of mortals. And I'm going to write it as a film script, as I really enjoyed writing in that form when I adapted Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from game to film for Script Frenzy in 2009.

It should be fun. And it's one way of taking my mind off all of the stress of buying a new house... It's going to be a busy Easter...