Friday, December 16, 2011

Bark: A final Project Werewolf update

Big thanks to everyone who donated to my MoSpace page or gave me cash in person to support a very good cause. All in all, I raised £123, which is a whole £23 (or 23%, statistics fans - not adjusted for inflation!) better than last year. I'm hoping to raise even more next year, potentially by looking even more ridiculous and outlandish.

The Shaving Of The Mo was met with a mixed reception at my school. While some claimed I look far younger without the Mo, lots of people also said it really suited me and that I should have kept it. Of course, the deciding opinion was that of my girlfriend, who only tolerated it because it was to raise money for charity. She'd chuck me out of the house if I even tried to keep it permanently. Either that or shave it off in my sleep (possibly with my eyebrows as well). So I'm back to being (occasionally) clean-shaven. I don't miss the itching of the facial fungus, but I do miss the opportunity of looking enigmatic and wise when the occasion arose to stroke my Mo thoughtfully whenever I was asked a question...
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