Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bark: The Hunter S. Thompson Method triumphs yet again!

As my first PGCE placement rapidly hurtles towards its conclusion, for the last week or so, I'd been getting increasing stressed about how I had a 3500 word essay on Science in the National Curriculum to write for next Wednesday, and despite the fact that I'd been given the spec of what to write months ago, I'd not even go so much as a title and document template created.

So yesterday I did the only reasonable thing, which was to send my lady off to meet a friend in London for the day, while I locked myself into the flat with a vast supply of alcohol, a huge plate of oven chips, a jar of Branston pickle and some of the finest post-rock and electropop ever to come out of Iceland and Norway, with the steely resolve not to go to bed until the damn thing was finished. Even if I ran out of booze.

Proving yet again that there is no motivation quite so good as last minute panic, I finished my masterpiece after a fourteen hour/eight pint writing marathon, finishing at a quite obscene 6:58am this morning. I seriously doubt that it's up to M-level standard, but at least I have something to hand in on Wednesday.

Of course, I've still got all my lessons to plan for next week between now and bedtime tonight, but hey, at least that's one less thing to stress about. And I'm on holiday as of 3pm Friday. And bloody hell, have I earned it...
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