Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bark: Weight loss guaranteed!

Stressed? Depressed? Overworked? Overweight?

Well, taking a teacher training course probably won't help with the first three things, but if the last month I've had is anything to go by, training to be a teacher does wonders for your waistline. I've lost over half a stone (5 kilos) in the last month and not even lifted a finger or flexed a bicep at the gym. I'm sure most of it is probably just the stress killing your sense of appetite, but actually spending the day stalking menacingly around a classroom, rather than sitting constantly behind a desk eating crisps, drinking fizzy pop and shunting numbers around spreadsheets all day must make quite a big difference to the number of calories you burn.

If I keep going on at this rate, by the end of the course I'll be as lean and wiry as I was before I started working in IT. And that would be a result.
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