Friday, April 24, 2009

Byte: What the?

This is probably the last time I'll post about World of Warcraft for the foreseeable future, since my subscription expired while I still had 40% of the Uldar patch to download.

My old State-chum Mark flagged this story up to me this morning, which left me going MUH?

World of Warcraft and Peggle are perfectly wonderful games. Two of my favourites, in fact, but they don't belong together. This could be the first sign that Blizzard are really beginning to lose the plot with WoW.

If I want to play Peggle, I WILL PLAY PEGGLE. I won't load up World of Warcraft and stand around in Orgrimmar or Ironforge challenging people to Peggle duels. It seems utterly futile to me.

It's a little bit like all those 3G mobile phone companies telling you "you can watch TV on your mobile!" I already have a TV for that, thanks. It's built specifically for that purpose and it does a much better job of it than a 2 inch screen on a mobile phone, too.

It's like Blizzard have sat down and thought, "how can we make WoW even more appealing to bored housewives and layabout students? I know - PEGGLE!" And, of course, Pop Cap aren't going to turn down the chance of 10 million people being able to play their game (since some of them will want to go off and buy the standalone version), but it's a bit meta, isn't it? Games within games, real world game meets fantasy world... though I can't help but think that Puzzle Quest would have been a more appropriate choice.

But this story gets me worried about games. When you get this kind of thing happening in a game, my internal alarm bells start to clang and it's a sure sign you're on the express train to Shitsville. Just as well my sub has finished, really.
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