Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bark: The Week of Eating Dangerously

Friends and regular readers will know that I'm a pretty keen cook. There are relatively few things I enjoy more than rummaging around a half-empty cupboard and then miraculously transforming its contents into something nutritious and delicious. However, when my good lady is away (like she is at the moment, visiting her parents), I really can't be bothered cooking for one.

So this week I've been living off all sorts of stuff I normally wouldn't eat, like pies with hash browns, chinese takeaways and (for breakfasts that I'd normally skip entirely) toasted crumpets with smooth peanut butter. And I've not exactly been drinking healthily either, since I've had enough beer over the last five days to bathe a blue whale.

Just as well it's a four day weekend coming up, because I'm going to need to spend at least half that in the gym...
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