Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bark: Fade in

I stayed up extra late last night for a post-midnight writing session to make a flying start on my Script Frenzy, and wrote five pages of script before I went to bed.

I'm pretty sure what I wrote was total rubbish, but this time (unlike with NaNoWriMo and just about everything else I write) I managed to resist the temptation to go back and rewrite stuff as I went. That's what May is for. So I've almost done my first two day's worth of script within the first couple of hours of the Frenzy. Hopefully I can keep that momentum up and hammer away at the script in a major way while my good lady is off visiting her parents in France next week.

It really helps that I have such a clear idea of how the scenes would work in the film (who says replaying KOTOR a dozen times or more was a total waste of time, huh?), so the words are really flowing at the moment. It also helps that I'm in the kind of mood where I just need to sit down an WRITE, too. I don't know quite yet, but I might actually prefer screenwriting to writing standard narrative prose. I've always had a very visual memory and way of thinking (I used to memorise Physics equations before exams simply by staring at them condensed onto a single side of A4 paper for half an hour before walking into the exam, letting me remember equations simply by visualising the piece of paper - I never would have passed my degree if I hadn't been able to do that), so I can see myself doing a lot more of this in the future.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the script when I've finished the first draft, given that I could never afford to buy the rights to make a film with it, but I suspect I'll selectively distribute it to a few of my writer-y friends, get some feedback on it and do at least one rewrite on it. Then if that's any good, I'll try and do an original script. Who knows? This could be a new career. Hey, you can dream, right?
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