Friday, April 17, 2009

Bark: And that's a wrap, people!

I stayed up into the wee hours this morning adding the final few pages to my Script Frenzy. I'll probably regret it this afternoon when the lack of sleep catches up with me, but right now it feels worth it.

One hundred and four pages in just seventeen days. To quote Han Solo, sometimes I amaze even myself...

I mean, daaaaamn. I just wrote a film script (admittedly just a rough first draft) in less than three weeks. It actually ended up a little shorter than I was expecting it to be about a week ago, as I really picked the pace up in the final act on the Star Forge. I'm pleased with my ending as well, since it's less clichéd than the game's "Prodigal Knight" wrap-up and medal ceremony, and the very last scene especially ought to give people a big sentimental uplift - which is necessary because a lot of the film is quite dark.

Now I'm going to convert it to PDF and send it out to a few people to get some feedback (from people who've played the game to see how well they think it sticks to the spirit of the game, but also to a few people who never have and never will play the game, to see how it functional purely as a story and a film). Then I give it a couple of weeks to put some clinical distance between myself and the script as it is now, so that I can do a re-write with a much more objective eye and tighten everything up. I already know that the script has a few weaknesses, particular in the way in the foreshadowing is set up for the big reveal about Revan. I skipped a fair bit of that because I was worried about the overall length. But since the final act turned out shorter than I expected, I can put a lot of that exposition back into the first two acts.

But that's for another day. Today is for feeling rather pleased with myself. I've written a film script, FFS. I might never be able to do anything with it (in terms of making an actual film), BUT I'VE WRITTEN A GODDAMN FILM SCRIPT. Lots of people like to casually mention in conversation that they're writers, only to get immediately embarrassed when people ask what they've written and they have to admit that they've never actually finished anything, not even a short story.

Well, today I actually finished something for once, and it feels great to know that I can do it. Today I finally feel that I've earned the right to call myself a genuine writer. Somehow the games journalism stuff (not to mention the drivel I post here) never really seemed to count. But today I don't feel like a casual keyboard basher anymore. I actually took on a project and gave it a beginning, middle and an end. And hurrah for that.
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