Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Byte: This bandwagon's old enough to jump on

Usually tend to let bandwagons roll for a good couple of years before deciding to leap aboard, but this particular bandwagon I've more been pushed onto, rather than chosen to hitch a ride on myself. This bandwagon has a name, and it's called Skype.

I've probably regaled you all before with tales of my lady's technical ineptness and all-round Luddite-ery, but for once she has gotten me to adopt a new bit of technology. I already knew all about Skype, of course, and had even told my lady about it a couple of years ago when she'd almost had a heart attack at the size of her phone bill (since she spends a lot of time on the phone to people in France).

Predictably, she wrinkled up her nose at the idea when I suggested it and conveniently forgot all about it until her youngest sister decided she was going to move to New Caledonia this spring, which, being somewhere off the north east coast of Australia, is quite an expensive place to make a phone call to. So the idea of using Skype surfaced again over Christmas and one of Fleur's sisters even bought her Dad a webcam so that they could do video calls.

Cue Fleur nagging me every ten minutes to install Skype. I finally relented at the weekend, and yesterday I took advantage of being in my Farnborough office to pop over the road to the local PC World and pick up a nice little webcam that was on sale for a smidge under £25. We tried out a video call last night and Fleur was almost literally in raptures, especially since it's free. (I've got her well trained, see... she's almost an honorary Scotswoman) So now the danger is that I'll never be able to get onto my PC because Fleur's too busy Skype-ing everyone, but I suppose that's what I bought the laptop and the consoles for...

Anyway, this is all a very long, roundabout way of saying "I'm on Skype, add me if you like." I'm registered by my MSN/Hotmail address, so you can find me pretty easily.

The other thing about having bought a webcam is that now I can put some thought into whether I want to start doing some video podcasts... if only to show off the fact that now I use wireless headphones that don't threaten to decapitate me every time I move from my desk.
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