Thursday, March 12, 2009

Byte: Normal service will be resumed shortly

Despite what it might currently say on the website (at the time of writing of this post), the Empire Total War review that went up on Videogamer this morning was written by me, not Tom.

You can tell it's me from the penchant for long sentences and the gratuitous usage of punctuation marks other than commas and full-stops; I do like a nice semi-colon now and again... and ellipsis... sweet ellipsis... (not that I actually used any in this review - though I did put in a few parenthesized refrains, as is my wont)

Rest assured, it's not an attempt by Tom to steal credit for my review. No, the explanation is far more mundane than that: The site recently had a back-end revamp, and there are a couple of slight issues with the handling of article credits at the moment. Our code tiger (Adam's a bit too high up on the competency food chain to be a humble code monkey like me) is off on a business trip to Hungary at the moment, so couldn't fix it in time for the review to go up. Tom told me all about this last night, which is why I'm not recounting this in an apoplectic tone. Normal service will be resumed shortly (both on the Videogamer website, and here with me foaming at the mouth at something that has provoked my ire in the news)...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the review - I sacrificed four hours sleep to get it finished on Tuesday night. It's perhaps a little on the dry side, but I didn't think a review full of gags would be appropriate for the game. I sneaked a couple of semi-humorous lines in there (not exactly gags, but things that were intended to provoke a smirk or two), but otherwise I played it with a straight bat (to use a cricketing cliché).

I don't have anything else on the reviewing horizon in the immediate future, so perhaps now I can put some time into Halo 3 and Dead Rising. I also ordered my Xbox Live Gold Membership card and a 4200 Microsoft Points card from Play yesterday, so you will probably be seeing me on a PGR4, Race Pro or Halo 3 server sometime soon. If you do see me, please be gentle, I'm a console online-gaming n00b. And I don't have a Xbox Live headset either, so I'm likely to be stoically silent (rather than just plain rude) if you do see me.
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