Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Byte: All about EVE

EVE and I have had a bit of a torrid affair over the years. She's very intelligent, number literate, economically brilliant, deep, complicated and has more recently learned how to dress sexily, blossoming from being a bit plain into something incomparably gorgeous, but we haven't been on speaking terms for some time.

(I'm anthropomorphising an MMORPG, how sad is that?)

I am not a man without a heart, however. I'm willing to forgive and forget and grant final chances. So over the next few weeks I'm going to be opening my arms and welcoming EVE back into my life with a great big hug and a sloppy kiss (no tongues). Of course, I'm not expecting that she'll put out on a first date (okay, maybe I'm overplaying this anthropomorphism now), but with the new Apochrypha update and retail release, I'm hoping that enough will have changed within the last 18 months for me to get over that initial learning curve that's like attending your first rock climbing lesson and effectively being told "There's Everest. Easy, mate."

All will be revealed in due time, no doubt. Expect a review on Videogamer in the next couple of weeks.

(Note: I'm painfully aware that EVE isn't a game that can be effectively played solo. If you want to volunteer to help me re-learn the ropes - as I will be restarting from scratch with a press account - feel free to shout out in the comments. Any help would be much appreciated.)
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