Monday, March 30, 2009

Bark: Keyboards at the ready

Script Frenzy is one of those things that probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for the internet. The idea is inherently crazy - get a whole bunch of people to simultaneously start writing scripts for just about every single form of entertainment under the sun, give them just 30 days to do it in and see what shakes out at the end of the month.

Having picked my project and done a few days 'pre-writing' (i.e. working out what will go into my 100 pages), I'm almost literally itching to get going. I hope I'm a big enough cinema buff to be able to translate the ideas in my head to the page, but like with my failed attempt at NaNoWriMo last year, I've not really gone for an easy option.

I've had to make some drastic cuts to the story (but not the main thrust of the plot) and I'm going to follow Kurt Vonnegut's advice on story-writing ("Be a sadist") in order to fit in some of the game's characters into the limited time and screen space I have available, but I think things are shaping up quite well. In an ideal world, I could do with an extra 15-20 pages to put in more of the original story, but I suppose part of the exercise is learning how to do more with less.

Of course, the one slightly disappointing thing is that even if I do manage to finish the script and if, by chance, it's the best script since The Usual Suspects (one of the reference scripts I plan on buying this weekend to help fill me in on how it should be formatted, incidentally), it's not like I can just go out and sell it. I'm not sure what the film rights for Knights of the Old Republic would go for, but one thing's for sure - I don't have that kind of money.

But as a writer's exercise, I'm enjoying myself, even with the preparatory work. After Script Frenzy is done and dusted, I might go back to my NaNoWriMo and try rewriting it as a TV script, since the story might suit a contemporary TV drama more than a novel.

I definitely picked a great time to get bitten by the writing bug again, anyway. Fun times ahead.
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