Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Byte: Getting annoying now

Okay, this new patch for WoW is seriously pissing me off now. Not only has it mightily nerfed two of my favourite classes (Death Knight and Hunter), it's also broken one of the very things it was trying to fix - namely lagging in instances - and broken it to the point that for some people (including me), the lag is so bad that it's practically impossible to play. I was getting latencies of over 7700 milliseconds last night - absolutely ridiculous, considering that otherwise there was nothing wrong with my internet connection - only WoW has the problem.

They better sort it out before I run out of low-level instances to solo... because even doing that is a painful experience. I did Ragefire Chasm and Gnomeregan last night, and when it takes 30 seconds to register a loot, it's starting to take the piss a bit. Gnomeregan is horrible enough when there's no lag - doing it with 3000+ millisecond latencies is just hideous.

I want to be levelling my Death Knight and doing instances in Northrend, but it's just impossible right now. I don't pay a monthly subscription to put up with this. Sort it out, Blizzard!
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