Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bark: This country is full of idiots

I know I'm not normally the avatar of calmness, but this morning I'm more irascible than usual. We had three-quarters of an inch of snow overnight and since the local council couldn't be bothered to grit the roads last night (because apparently, Britain is running out of grit), the route between my flat and the school my lady teaches at were a total disaster zone. We needed to do a twelve mile detour to travel an effective distance of ONE MILE, because there's a particularly steep hill just by where we live, and since people just panicked at the first sign of snow, it was utterly gridlocked. The last time that happened (back when they had to close the M11 a few years back) it took us well over an hour and a half just to get to the top of the hill.

So, using my local road knowledge, we detoured around to pick up our normal route, bypassing the hill, which still took us about forty minutes, but hey, that was still about half the time it would have taken us to get up the hill. Unfortunately, it didn't improve from there, because despite the road conditions not actually being that bad (it was 'wet' snow, so it wasn't even icing up), you had imbeciles stacking over roundabouts and blocking the exits so traffic couldn't flow properly and the whole area ground to a total halt. Almost another hour later (a further distance covered of about three miles, by this point - a net four miles from home, according to our normal route) and we get my lady to work, with only ten minutes remaining of the only class she's teaching for the day (talk about futile). And after a primal scream in the car, I decide to head off to my local office, since that would only take half an hour, rather than at least another hour it would have took attempting to go home via the same traffic jam I'd just endured.

I am so annoyed right now. Not even an inch of snow, and already my day is delayed and ruined, because the local morons can't cope with the unexpected. This country is really fucking pathetic.
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