Monday, February 02, 2009

Bark: End of world surely imminent

It's just as well I'd already arranged to work from home today, because when you get five inches of snow around here, it's like the Ice Age. All the schools are closed, and only the stupid go out on the roads.

Just look at the numpties in that video. Absolutely clueless. Revving the bollocks off your engine DOESN'T WORK IN SNOW. I've driven a fair bit in snow in France, where despite the general standard of the average driver being slightly below 'maniac', at least they know what to do when the roads get covered in snow and ice. Unlike here in Britain, where the general approach is a Clarksonesque MORE POWER!! - which inevitably leads to accidents because they don't have any control over their cars. So I took one look at the roads this morning, told my lady that the chances of me driving her to work were precisely nil (fortunately, they closed her school today) and went back to bed.

They've forecast similar for tomorrow as well. Thank goodness the fridge is well-stocked. I don't think I'm leaving the flat anytime soon...
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