Friday, January 09, 2009

Byte: Virtual Careers

The last couple of evenings have been devoted to Professions grinding in World of Warcraft. As you will probably know by now, with my veritable army of alts, I maintain what's essentially a one-man Guild, or rather a mutually-supportive network of leatherworkers, alchemists, enchanters, blacksmiths, inscriptors and tailors.

I've been playing a lot with my Mage recently, and got her up to a reasonably lofty level 50 last night, meaning that she can now call on a summonable Water Elemental for a bit of extra muscle. Kaeleigh's professions have been relatively easy to level, given that she's a Herbalist/Alchemist, and she's doing pretty well with her First Aid skill, too. It shouldn't be too hard to top out in both First Aid and Alchemy by the time she reaches Outland, and in the spirit of co-operation, she's been sending on spare herbs to Corleth to help with his Inscription skill (who's now starting to make some fairly handy glyphs), and also been sending spare cloth to my tailor, who can now make some pretty awesome stuff with Runecloth, though I've got to do a bit of spider silk grinding to progress up towards 300-skill. I think I'll be using Yonn (my resident DPS Machine) to raid another dozen stacks of cloth (I did two runs through Jintha'lor in the Hinterlands last night, which yielded about ten stacks of Mageweave cloth in an hour or so), though I'll have to look up the best drop rates for Runecloth on WoWHead later. For Yonn's efforts, I made him a very natty tuxedo for comedy screenshots. Aoibheann's Enchanting is proving an absolute pain to level (though the enchanting reagents are pretty cheap in the auction house on my server), but I put on 20 skill last night, thanks to Corleth sending her a whole stack of Armor Vellum, which can be used to create enchantment scrolls. Though I wouldn't have been able to level her enchanting at all, had it not been for a very lovely level 80 paladin I met in Ironforge, who was able to make me a truesilver rod, using materials I'd gathered from both Yonn and Gormlaith's mining skills and blacksmithing skills (respectively).

I'm also still playing a fair bit with the PCG guild on my Death Knight, and I also took advantage of the free character moves between Argent Dawn and Steamwheedle Cartel to move my Blood Elf Hunter and have her join the rest of my character roster, so we're all nice and cozy on Steamwheedle Cartel now, as I've hit the character limit for the server. Which is almost a relief, actually, as it means I can't roll any more alts. You'd think a level 73 Night Elf Druid, a level 71 Night Elf Hunter, a level 63 Blood Elf Death Knight, a level 50 Human Mage, a level 36 Night Elf Priest, a level 33 Draenei Paladin, a level 32 Night Elf Rogue, a level 32 Blood Elf Hunter and a level 10 Blood Elf Warlock would be enough for most people, but if I could roll more alts on that server, I probably would (if only to have a female Gnome Death Knight, just for the cognitive dissonance value).

One day I might stop playing WoW. But not today, that's for sure...
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