Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Byte: Going Live

Well, I'm amazed. I wasn't expecting getting my 360 hooked up to Xbox Live to be quite that easy, but if anything, it was simpler than setting up the Wii with my wireless. I just plugged the 360 into the back of the modem-router with an ethernet cable, and voila! No painful setup, no fuss, it just worked. Boom! Instant access. That's how it should be done.

I've set up my gamertag, for those of you who are interested - MeLikeShiny (it's a Death Knight reference from World of Warcraft, as it's one of the stock lines your pet ghoul will say if you click him... and also, I do like shiny things), which is hooked into my MSN Messenger ID and also my Windows Live account (which I reluctantly set up to access the Dawn of War II multiplayer beta - but more on that later).

No doubt I'll be upgrading my Live access to a Gold account fairly soon, so you should see me hitting the PGR4 online circuit and undoubtedly getting spanked mightily by all the people who've been playing it solidly for the last year and a half. But hey, it's all good practice, right? I've been hording my Kudos and have already unlocked the Nurburgring; I had a quick blast at lunchtime in an Aston Martin Vanquish, clocking up a pretty darned reasonable 6 minutes 48 seconds on my first lap of the Nordschliefe (including quite a few lawn-mowing expeditions on the grass), so my skillz are still pretty mad. Furious, in fact. RAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH! That's how mad my skillz are...
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