Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Byte: For the Horde!

I'm really enjoying playing with the PCG Guild on Steamwheedle Cartel. We've got a couple of level 80s now, and we're burning through the instances at quite an alarming rate. I've probably done more dungeons in the last week than I have in the two years before that (not counting solo Green gear runs in Scarlet Monastery and the like).

In the last couple of days we've done no less than two raids on Onyxia, who's the original end game boss, pre-Burning Crusade. It's meant to be a level 60, 40-man raid, yet we've done it twice now with less than ten people. The reason for this being that we have one very special player - Wàq, a level 80 Death Knight - who took all the threat and essentially soloed her, while everyone else on the raid just tried to stay alive. On Saturday, everybody bar Wàq died. Last night, with two more levels under Devorgilla's belt, Wàq had Deadard (a level 77 Death Knight) and myself (level 65 Death Knight) still there when Wàq smote the killing blow. I was quite pleased with myself for that.

Obviously, I took loads of screenshots, which you may find here.

Onyxia Raid XI
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