Monday, January 26, 2009

Byte: The best kind of birthday present one you buy yourself. I was up in Yorkshire this weekend to see my parents for a belated Christmas and early birthday (which is tomorrow, I casually mention, in case anyone wants to send me money, shiny electronics or hugs). Other than the usual horrors a nine hour round trip on the UK's overburdened motorway network entails, I had a rather lovely time.

One of the benefits of the credit crunch is that when companies, such as Zavvi, get into trouble and are on their last legs on the High Street, they start selling things amazingly cheaply - such as the Xbox 360 Elite I picked up on Saturday for a tenner less than they're selling them on Play. I also snapped up Scene It (which even Fleur is enthusiastic to play me at), Mass Effect and PGR4, the latest sequel to one of my favourite racing games ever.

This means I will probably delay the PC upgrade I had scheduled for sometime this year, as now all the graphics-heavy FPS games that would bring my PC to its knees can be bought and played on the 360 now, instead. If I get bored enough, I may pick up GTA IV and Fallout 3, since with GTA in particular, I stand a better chance of getting a framerate and (unlike the PC version) I won't have to log in on three separate accounts to play it. But first I have to do a round-up of all the best 360 titles from the last couple of years, though it's unlikely I will pick up Gears of War, since it's so shiny, yet so, so painfully dull. Still, fun times ahead.
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