Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bark: Today is going to be... expensive

My bank account is bracing itself for an onslaught of epic proportions today, as the car is in for an MOT and a service, which is unlikely to be cheap, since at the very least I'm pretty sure I need two new tyres to pass the MOT. My road tax is also due at the end of the month, so knowing that I'm going to be utterly broke by the time of my birthday in a couple of weeks, I'm in a funny, dangerous mood. The kind of "In for a penny, in for a pound!" spending mood.

The kind of mood that makes me go out and buy shiny things. Of course, I don't technically need a Netbook. The number of computers already surpasses the number of humans in my flat (games rig, games laptop and work laptop vs. my lady and myself) and Fleur would not be best pleased if another one turned up, but... it's all SHINY! I like shiny things, dammit. I must have been a crow in a previous life, or something.

I only have myself to blame, of course. Normally I work from home (usually about three days a week), so I have a program that gives me dial-in access to my company intranet and global storage network. Unfortunately, my password for it expired over the Christmas holiday and I locked myself out of the dialer client, necessitating a trip to the office to reset the password. My local office is Farnborough, which frankly doesn't have a lot going for it, except the PC World about 300 yards away over the road. So I decided, rather unwisely, to kill time there at lunch, as I wanted to check out upgrade options - that is, whether I should stick with the PC case I have now and just upgrade the CPU as far as the motherboard will handle and grab a couple of new graphics cards to re-enable the SLI - and see if the margin of cost between upgrading and simply buying a new box was large enough to warrant upgrading instead of getting an entirely new computer. But since PC World appears to have stopped selling AMD CPUs now, I ended up wandering over to the Netbooks section, just to see how good they were getting these days.

And then I saw the Samsung NC10 - with it's rather spectacular battery life and reasonably-sized keyboard. The odds of me making it to the end of the month without buying one are not good, thinks I.
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