Thursday, December 04, 2008

Byte: Grand Theft DRM Shitstorm 4

Further proof that the GTA series peaked at Vice City and has been plummeting down a slope to shittiness ever since.

I've already talked at length about why I don't particularly give a monkey's peanut crunch about GTA 4. However, not really caring a damn about the game itself seems to pale in comparison these days to DRM concerns, and Rockstar have played a blinder here.

How does FORCING YOUR OWN PAYING CUSTOMERS to install programs they don't necessarily want AND CAN'T REMOVE (short of reinstalling the operating system) offset not having installation limits (as Microsoft's Games For Windows community manager would have you believe)? Erm, it doesn't. I'd rather have a limited number of installs than be dictated to as to supplementary programs I don't want being installed on my machine so that play a game. And I certainly don't want to be told that I must install that crap, and then even if I uninstall the game, it can't be removed. Why don't you just tell me what times of the day I can play as well?

FUCK THAT. That's not "protecting your investment", that's treating paying customers like criminals. How does discouraging people from buying your game protect your investment? It doesn't, because it's costing you more sales than piracy, you idiots.
If developers do start abandoning PC gaming because it's "dying", the reason is not going to be piracy. It's because developers and publishers aren't listening to their customers and are trying to dictate to the market. And markets tend to get a little uppity with companies that try to do that. Right now, most PC developers are giving people more reasons to not buy their game than buy it. And how is that possibly a sustainable business strategy?

People like Valve and Stardock realise that the best thing you can do is keep customers on your side. People like Ubisoft, EA and Rockstar would do well to heed their example.
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