Friday, November 28, 2008

Byte: Correcting an oversight

I haven't blogged about World of Warcraft now for, oh, hours, so it's about time I corrected that.

How fortunate then that Videogamer should have just happened to publish my Wrath of the Lich King review, featuring not only some of my finest fanboy rambling, but some of my own screenshots as well, rather than the generic publicity shots. The keener-eyed of you will notice that they've previously made an appearance on my Flickr page, but I specifically asked to use some of my own shots, as they're a damn sight easier to caption. AND YES, I DO KNOW WHERE THE 'HIDE INTERFACE' BUTTON IS. I just don't use it so that people can tell I've actually played the game. Because, you know, there are some nutcases out there who think games journalists just read the press release and make it up from there. The mind boggles, really. What are they taking? And where the hell can I find some?

And if anyone is stupid enough to take umbrage with my score, please bear in mind that I've got a /played stat rapidly approaching 60 DAYS logged on World of Warcraft over the last four years, with at least a couple of days logged on every character class in the game (barring the Death Knight, which I've taken from level 55 to level 62 in the course of about 12 hours play). So I think I know the game as well as anyone, thankyouverymuchkeepyourconspiracytheoriestoyourself.

The game's terrific. If I'm not still playing it this time next year, I'll be very surprised. Something pretty epic will have to come out in order to stop me playing it. And no, crazy "all games journalism is corrupt!" conspiracy people, Blizzard haven't paid me to say that either. Though if anyone from Blizzard is reading, I'll have my Aston Martin DBS in pearlescent blue, please. Because if anyone's going to try and buy my opinion, fucking hell, I'm not going to sell myself cheap...
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