Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bark: Progress Report

Or rather, a lack of progress report. NaNoWriMo is not exactly proceeding to schedule. I'm only averaging a pitiful 500 words a day so far, meaning that I'd need three months, rather than 30 days to hit the 50,000 word target. However, I'm not going to beat myself up too much about it, because I'm pretty pleased with what I have written so far, and after letting Fleur read the first 1200 words or so earlier in the week, she said she liked it, which is reassuring considering that she's one of the most overly-critical people in the entire world.

I know she's biased, since she's shagging the author and all, but if Fleur finds the premise interesting and wants to read more, I must be onto something worth pursuing.

Regardless of whether I hit the 50k target at the end of the month or not (and right now it doesn't look likely, unless the floodgates really start to open in the next couple of weeks), I'm definitely going to finish the story, since it would be a shame to put in all that effort and not have at least a short story to show for it.

The biggest problem I have at the moment is not that I don't know where the story's going, but that my Inner Editor and Grammar Nazi refuse to be oppressed. And they're really slowing me down. I know it's only meant to be a first draft and everything, but I'm simply not wired in a way that will let me leave malformed sentences or misspelt words alone. They offend me too much. Still, I'm hoping to pick up the pace a little and at least get over the halfway mark. I'm over the biggest hump of getting the story started and visualising the characters in my head. Now I just have to do horrible, evil things to them and see where the story takes them...
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