Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Byte: Evolution, not Revolution

My GTR Evolution review has gone up on today.

I really liked it loads - it's got one of the best virtual Nordschliefe's ever - prettier and even more unforgiving that the version in Forza Motorsport. I set my fastest ever lap time on it a week or so back in an F3000 single-seater: 6 minutes 34.6 seconds. That's pretty darned good, considering the track is 13 miles long (an average speed of near-as-dammit 120mph). And that was with a few scruffy corners, as well. The track's so awesome to drive, it's worth buying the game just for that alone.

Though I hope they upgrade the graphics engine for the next release. It's the only thing holding it back from a 9/10.
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