Monday, October 13, 2008

Bark: Renounciation

I'm temporarily renouncing alcohol, because I seriously need some healthier addictions right now. Left to my own devices on Saturday I got through no less than seven pints of lager and a bottle of wine, which is pretty excessive, even for me. With everything happening right now (the general worldwide capitalist democracy is falling apart thing, work being the dull, but financially remunerating time-sink that it is) I've been getting quite depressed lately and the beer isn't exactly helping. In fact, I'm fairly sure that it's contributing rather significantly to my immune system being in the (metaphorical) toilet, me not being able to sleep (despite being constantly tired), my attention span being around the Planck Time and otherwise feeling generally pretty sorry for myself.

So I'm giving up the sherberts for a couple of weeks to see what difference it will make. The alternative seems to be dyeing my hair green, finding some white face paint and stalking the local neighbourhood with my ninjaken and collection of cooking knives until I find the nearest armed response unit... as fun as that might be, it's a little on the dangerous side for a coward like me. Well, you know the saying: "There are old heroes and bold heroes, but there are no old, bold heroes." Heroes die. Cowards live to run away another day. If that's not a mantra worth living by, I don't know what is...

So, yes. Suggestions for non-chemical, non-habit-forming addictions to the usual address, please. Alternatively, the email of a good psychotherapist will do.
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