Monday, September 01, 2008

Byte: On the move

This weekend I moved my Hunter Yonn from the Zenedar PvP server to Steamwheedle Cartel, which is an RP (role playing) server. Not because I want to particularly role play as a moonwalking, screecher owl-petting Night Elf with a crossbow, but because I've finally had enough of all the ganking that takes place on a PvP server.

It's not so bad at low levels, but once you get beyond level 60 and you're trying to quest in Outland, there's nothing worse than some level 70 frost mage swooping down on their flying mount and icing you in a couple of Frostbolts. Shareth may also be jumping ship fairly soon as well, as the Gnomies aren't really going anywhere as a Guild, and trying to do dailies on the Sunwell Isle when you haven't got Tier 5 Epic PvP gear is frequently an exercise in rapid, repeated death and frustration. At least Shareth already has her epic flappy mount, so doesn't need huge amounts of cash, but it would be nice to be able to grind cash and quest in peace. It would also be nice to be on a server where the trade chat isn't full of people doing "Anal [Rip]" spell-linking jokes. I use the term "joke" loosely...

RP servers are a little more strictly policed as to the level of off-topic chat, and from my initial forays so far, seem to be a little quieter (in terms of general chat level). I haven't tried partying up yet, so I can't speak for how easy it is to party up and do instances, but being able to quest in peace without being ganked is a strong lure, especially with Wrath of the Lich King waiting in the wings (I didn't get invited to the beta, dammit!). Of course, at £15 a throw, I'm not going to move all my characters off of PvP in one go (I have enough for a football team - that would get rather expensive). I'm going to wait until Licking comes out and see where all my journo-chums end up and crash that server with a couple of my more favoured characters.

I'm enjoying playing with my new(ish) Paladin and Warlock, but now that Yonn can quest without being repeatedly victimised in Outland, I may make a final push with him for level 70. I got Shareth to buy him his swift stormsaber and the requisite level of riding training, so though now he's out on his own, at least cash isn't going to be an issue until level 70, and then doing the Sunwell dailies shouldn't be as slow and tortuous as it was for Shareth. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the whole role playing thing, though. I might play Yonn as a deaf-mute. Or at least a mute, who solely communicates in the general game world using emotes and /me's to substitute for sign language. That could get quite fun...
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