Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Byte: The First Casualty of War is Friendship

I've been replaying UFO: Enemy Unknown since they put the X-Com series on Steam last week. Tonight I suffered my first casualty. At the beginning of the game I tend to assign my best soldiers the heavy weapons: rocket launchers, heavy cannons and autocannons. So obviously, they're the ones I have most faith in to do most damage, and as regulars will already know, I name my soldiers after friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Richard was a bit miffed when he found out that he got wounded in my last game of Terror From The Deep. I've got worse news now, buddy... You got blown up by an alien grenade during a crash recovery of a Sectoid Terrorship. There wasn't even a body to take back for burial with full military honours. Sorry about that, old boy. There was nothing I could do... well, except reload, but that would be cheating. Rest assured I will make the alien scum pay!
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