Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bark: Dead Man Talking

I'm fascinated and appalled by politics in equal measure. I think it's the duty of everyone to be interested in politics, because if you don't show any interest, get informed and get out and vote, you basically lose any right you have to whinge about whichever bunch of incompetent reprobates are currently forming your government. Today sees Gordon "Dour" Brown fighting for his political life at the Labour Party Conference.

I'm a bit schizophrenic about this guy, really. Firstly, you have to admire his drive and ambition - the ruthlessness with which he's relentlessly pursued the top job in British politics. But, contrariwise, he's shown himself to not be up to the job in just about every way: lack of vision, lack of judgment, lack of charisma... it must be utterly galling to have devoted your life to the pursuit of the one job you so desperately, desperately want, only to find out that once you have it, you totally suck at it. That's irony so delicious Gordon Ramsay could put it on his dessert menu at Claridge's.

The Labour party is dead in the water right now. They may talk about polls being one thing and elections being another, but this country has being going down the toilet for years now - they can't just blame it on economic turbulence (the new "it's not our fault" catch-all of our time). I love the way that governments still blame the previous administration for all societal ills - you know, it's not like they didn't have ELEVEN YEARS to fix it...

The worst thing though, is that even if we vote out Labour at the next election, what alternative do we have? The Tories? David Cameron is a slimy fucking cipher. What is it about modern society that wants our political leaders to look and act like fucking game show hosts? Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and Nicolas Sarkosy in France, they're all cut from the same bolt of vapid cloth flannel, which they use to buff the turds of their crappy little ideas and ideals until they shine under to media spotlight.

I also love the way politicians talk about "change", and then they immediately do the same old shit that the last government did, just with a different sticker on the box. Or, if they do change things, it's from bad to worse. Whenever I hear politicians blithering on about change, I'm always brought back to this eeriely prophetic piece of satire by The Onion that was written when Dubya was first elected.

Brown was saying today that the current economic climate meant that it was "no time for a novice". Like all your fucking "experience" didn't help get us into this mess in the first place. And the thing that really makes me laugh is the line about being "the rock of stability upon which people can stand", well Gordon, we've always known you've got a heart of stone so you're halfway there already.

Man, I should stop listening to Bill Hicks albums. I'm just about outta hope for the human race here....
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