Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Byte: A Most Productive Evening

Thank goodness for World of Warcraft. If it wasn't for WoW I probably would have abandoned gaming entirely by now. I spent last night working on my two lowest level alts (my Paladin Iphigeneia and my Warlock Kaeleigh), putting two levels on my Pally and one level on my 'lock, within the space of about two and a half hours. I really ought to be concentrating on Yonn, my Hunter, now that he's "just" eight levels away from reaching 70, but it's pretty hard going solo. Before I sodded off to Scotland for a week, at least I did put in a couple of days in with Shareth doing dailies so that I could buy Yonn his Swift Stormsaber, so at least he's not going to be pottering around on a slow mount from now on. I also used Shareth to fund the low level mounts for Tarithel and Corleth, since they reduced the cost and level requirement for riding training from level 40 to 30 in the last patch. Not that having a mount is a particularly large motivation to play with a character, however - my Mage has been languishing at level 40 for months... As usual, any attempt at concentrating on any one particular character is being spoiled by my short attention span and craving for variety. So I'm switching around between characters while they're accumulating rested state so that I can level them quicker. Still, I'm quite enjoying the novelty of playing with a Paladin and Warlock at the moment. I've flirted with the classes before, but never really put this much time into them. It will probably take months before they get up to and beyond level 30, but at least the sense of progress is more easily gained down at lower levels. I'm really not looking forward to finishing off that nasty 30-45 stretch with my Mage, Priest and Rogue, but I have to work on Tarithel for at least another five levels so that she can acquire the next level of Tailoring skill. In the continuing absence of anything else to play, and my girlfriend being due to fly off to see her parents for 10 days this weekend, I'm sure I'll have a lot of time over the next couple of weeks to devote to racking up a few more levels.

I'm getting pretty fed up of waiting for something even mildly interesting to come out, and we're still at least a month away from Spore and a couple of months away from Wrath of the Lich King being released. Between now and Spore the only thing that comes close to getting me beyond totally apathetic is Space Siege. I didn't quite get around to playing its spiritual prequel, Dungeon Siege, though I've been tempted to pick it up many times. The thing that interests me about Space Siege isn't so much what I've heard about the game itself, but more that it's by Gas Powered Games. Their titles usually try and do some interesting and innovative things and I'm quite interested to see what they do with the whole story hook about the main character having to sacrifice his humanity in order to preserve the remaining survivors of the human race. I don't expect Mass Effect levels of brilliance, as I'm sure the core gameplay itself will be pretty flashy-hacky-slashy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, and it's more the story that raises this beyond a mere passing irrelevance. And being frank, it's not like there's anything else around right now that warrants my interest instead. I'm going to try and blag a review copy, since I've not written anything in ages (mainly because of the total dearth of things worth writing about than anything else), and my fingers are itching to sharpen their critical knives on something. Hell, I'd even review something that was total shite in a box as long as it was new... I've not savaged a game in a very long time either, and sometimes you need to play something rubbish in order to get an idea of what's really good.
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