Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Byte: Why hasn't anyone done this yet?

I've just spent my lunch hour very productively. That is, talking with Richard about how there's bugger all out on PC worth playing at the moment (which I haven't already completed, at least; we seem to have this particular conversation every few weeks lately) and lamenting about how awful going to the gym is because exercise is so fundamentally repetitive and dull, and how the godawful music that you always have playing means that the experience is even more miserable and how if you want to listen to something that doesn't sound like it was churned out by a flatulent cow, you risk permanent hearing damage... I want to get fitter, not get fit and go deaf, thanks...

Anyway, this got me thinking. What could you do to make the gym less boring? Well, recently I got around to reading Snow Crash - a bit too self-consciously cool and knowing for my liking, frankly - but it did have one nice idea in it: the Gargoyle. Basically, a wearable computer setup. Now, with the recent trend towards micro-PCs, surely this is getting towards the realms of achievable now?

So, why not pick up an EEE PC, mount it on a Steadicam harness attached to a gym top, wire up a few extra battery packs on your shoulders (for the Gears of War I eat lions shoulderpad effect), and hey presto, you've got your own portable PC for you to play X-Com or Peggle on to your heart's content as you flog your feeble flesh on the cardio machines. So now, thanks to this wondrous invention, going to the gym wouldn't have to compromise any precious games playing time and your girlfriend would have to admit that you're not a completely lazy couch potato... Everybody's happy!
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