Friday, July 04, 2008

Byte: Fight of the Navigator

Today I'm mired in Brio, recoding a report navigator so that it works with the new database this particular report is being moved to. And let's just say that it's putting up some resistance... The trouble with transferring a report that's been steadily modified over the course of five or six years from one data source to another is that, inevitably, they're not going to be identical in every way. And so it is true with this particular move.

So not only do I have to alter the database query to retrieve data from the new source and recreate all the results tables and pivots with the new dataset, I then have to make all that work with the new front-end. And herein lies a rather large problem, because the new database isn't yet live, you don't have a proper set of data that you can query. And in order to make a Brio report navigator work properly, that's precisely what you need to work with. So now I've got gobbledegook appearing in listboxes that should have text strings in them, because the damn database has blank values in some rows where the old database didn't, and Brio can't convert them properly...

Oh, this is going to be fun.
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