Friday, July 11, 2008

Bark: Getting some air

I was just popping out to buy some lunch, when I heard the distinctive rumble of a turbofan engine echoing around the building. My eyeballs immediately switch into "swivel-on-stalks" mode, trying to track down the source of the noise. Seconds later, I catch a brief glimpse of The Red Arrows (all nine of them, in formation) scooting by on their way to Farnborough, no doubt flying a preparatory sortie for the Air Show, which is on next week.

I've been living and working in the Farnborough area for over eight years now, and despite having a big interest in planes (I did once harbour ambitions of joining the RAF at one point), I've never quite gotten around to going to it yet. Usually it clashes with a wedding that my girlfriend wants to drag me to, but this year, it clashes with Art In Action. So I'm going to miss it again. Still, it's not so bad - if I work in the Farnborough office next week, I can just stand in the car park at lunchtime and get a free view of the show, since they run the trade show during the week. I'm guess I'm just going to have to wait another few years. If I leave it another couple of shows, fingers crossed they'll have something a bit more interesting to show than the Airbus A380. Sure, it's an amazing piece of aeronautical engineering and all that, but it doesn't have afterburners... Give me an SU-27 Flanker, any day. Though they had an SU-34 there a couple of years ago... and boy, does that puppy make a nice noise. Flying over my work building with the afterburners on set off all the car alarms in the car park. Bloody awesome.
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