Monday, July 21, 2008

Bark: Art In Action

The sign of a good weekend is when you're more tired first thing on a Monday than you were when you went to bed on Friday night. And judging from my current fatigue levels, this weekend was a corker.

Fleur and I spent the weekend at Waterperry House, in Oxfordshire, taking in the sights at Art In Action, a four day arts fair that's been running for about 30 years now, according to my friend Mark, who was running the Drawing and Printmaking tent this year.

I did a couple of practical classes, clay portraiture modelling on the Saturday and a sketching in the garden class on the Sunday, which were both a lot of fun. I enjoyed the clay modelling most, mainly because it was a new experience. I've not done anything with clay since Middle School, which is going back an awfully long time now. I'm going to try to find somewhere that sells huge chunks of modelling clay now, because this could be another hobby to add to the list. You can see what I made here. Another hour or two (the 90 minutes for the class fairly raced by) and I would have made it a resemble the model a bit more, but still, for a first attempt I was pleased with it.

The rest of the photos I took during the weekend may be found here, including lots of photos from around the gardens, and my favourite pieces from around the displays.
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