Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Byte: Two. Five. Seven.

This week gave me a good reason to crack out Audiosurf again: namely, a new Moby album.

I like Moby for pretty much all the same reasons a lot of other people seem to detest him: he's a religious, outspoken, vegan New Yorker, which is probably most people's most people's idea of a dinner date from Hell, but I really like the guy, despite the fact he's pretty much the antithesis of me (barring the outspoken part). He sticks up for what he believes in and is pretty articulate about it and has a decent sense of humour. And if you saw his appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, he doesn't take himself too seriously either, which is always a sign of a thoroughly decent human being. So while I'd never agree with him on a lot of things (I couldn't agree more about George Bush, though), I do like and totally respect him - and he makes awesome music.

Obviously, that last statement is a matter of taste.

His new album, Last Night, is much more akin to his earlier techno stuff than the poppier sound of albums like Play, 18 or Hotel, so if you've only listened to all the stuff he's done that's been used on TV adverts, you're probably going to struggle with this album. I've only listened to it a couple of times so far, and I think it's going to be an album that's going to grow on me. There are only really a couple of tracks that immediately stand out on the first play (Disco Lies and Ooh Yeah) but I'm already taking a shine to the tracks 257.Zero and Mothers of the Night and there aren't any tracks that I think are stinkers, so overall, it's a decent addition to my collection. It'll probably give Seventh Tree a good run for its money as my most-played album of this year.

Now, if Royksopp can just hurry up with a new album, my work days will be much more peachy...
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