Saturday, May 10, 2008

Byte: Lull Bargains

Since there are STILL no new releases out on the PC worth buying, I made a trawl through the shops of Guildford this afternoon, using my wallet like a big videogame-catching net, snapping up bargains left, right and centre, in a possibly futile attempt at getting me playing something that isn't World of Warcraft.

As my Wii is still woefully underused, I took advantage of GAME's buy-one-get-one-free offer (which would acronym wonderfully to BOG OFF if you added an extra "fuckface" on the end) and acquired Ghost Squad (if only to justify my purchase of the Wii Zapper) and got Red Steel as my free game. I know Red Steel's not really that terrific a shooter, but at least it's not another fricking World War II game. Lord save us from Medal of Honor...

I also finally picked up Supreme Commander in the "2 for £15" budget section, since after hyping it mightily when I previewed it (seemingly a lifetime ago, now) for gamesTM, I thought I better put at least some money where my mouth was. If anything, playing Sins of a Solar Empire recently has built up enough of an RTS tolerance for me to warrant buying it. A little bit like the Far Side cartoon where there's a mad scientist trying to cure someone's fear of snakes, height and the dark simultaneously by suspending them off the side of a skyscraper in a single-windowed box full of pythons, I need to gradually wean myself onto a genre like RTS that I don't particularly like by playing it exclusively for a while. I call it genre aversion therapy.

The second title in my "2 for £15" selection was the Gold Edition of SpellForce 2. I've still got the review disk of this knocking around somewhere, but I fancied a retail copy, as I did enjoy the game a lot, and even though the included expansion pack is bound to just be a case of diminishing returns, I'd still like to give it a go.

Finally, I raided HMV, which appears to be getting out of the PC games market completely, by throwing pretty much every title it has on sale. Which was good news for me, as it meant that I could pick up a copy of Titan Quest even cheaper than it's available for on Steam. I had a bit of a dabble with the demo a few months back, and it seemed pretty decent, if not ground-shakingly awesome. Still, worth a fiver, thinks I.

Five new games, less than £50 spent (thanks to £2.50 being on my GAME card)... as my fellow croupiers used to say at Napoleon's, job's a good 'un.
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