Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bark: Two Bathrooms

I'm currently expecting the delivery of the new bathroom suite we're having installed next week. Now, you may recall that I live in a one bedroom shoebox in Surrey. Which begs the question, where the hell am I going to keep it (a full suite of toilet, sink and bathtub) for a week until the guys we've hired come around to fit it next Tuesday?

Given that these things are probably going to be transport-packed in enough cellophane, styrofoam and cardboard to build a three bedroom house, we've got a bit of a space issue here. Leaving the suite outside is obviously a non-starter, since I hardly want anyone to wander off with it in the middle of the night. And there's no room in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen to put any of the suite, so that just leaves the main living room. Which is already pretty full.

There's nothing for it. I'm just going to have to learn how to levitate, because that's the only way I'll be able to reach the sofa for the next week...
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