Monday, May 26, 2008

Bark: Catharsis

I've just spent the last hour stripping the tiles off the bathroom wall, in preparation for the wonderful chaps from B&Q to come around tomorrow and start to fit the new bathroom.

I managed to wreck a brand new chisel, bought specially for the occasion, but I suppose that spending £7.50 on a chisel and doing the job myself worked out a heck of a lot cheaper than paying someone else to come in and do it instead. I even got to look quite cool as I was doing it, as I was using my wraparound shades (which I normally wear when cycling off-road) to shield my eyes from rogue ceramic shards as I was chipping away at the tiles.

We picked the replacement tiles and the vinyl tiles for the floor on Saturday, and I get the pleasure of fitting those next weekend. We've gone for a metallic, slightly off-white blue, which should give the bathroom a bit of colour, without making it look too dark. In any case, changing the suite from a horrible, 1970's dusky pink to a classic white is going to make a huge difference, and going from a dark grey tiles to a pale, metallic blue will really brighten up the room and make it look a whole lot less than a toilet in a 1970's nightclub. And if that doesn't add a couple of grand to the asking price to the place, I don't know what will...
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