Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Byte: Tantalising

My Warcraft obsession shows no signs of abating. Yonn, my Hunter, is now tantalisingly close to Outland, as he hit level 57 yesterday evening. A couple of years ago, I never would have thought I'd ever get one character up the level ladder that high, let alone two. Blizzard have definitely made levelling up a whole lot quicker in the last few patches, as I'm sure I've gotten Yonn up to his mid-50s in half the time it took Shareth. Yonn's questing in Winterspring now, which is one of my favourite map areas, in terms of ambience. But then, I always was a sucker for snow. I abandoned my Wind Serpent pet in favour of a Winterspring Screecher Owl, which I called Barney - Barney Owl... see what I did there? Oh, please yourselves... - who's still slightly ornery and in need of further plying with food, so I can get him trained. I'll probably lurk around a few low level areas while I do that, as I also need to raise my stave skill, and I've swapped Yonn's professions from Skinning/Leatherworking to Mining/Jewelcrafting, so I need to work on those, too. It's one way of accumulating some rested state, I suppose...

Shareth is still doing daily quests, and (including stuff for sale in the auction house) is now past the 3000 gold mark. I'm pretty much kicking myself for not starting on the daily quests much earlier, as if I had, I'd no doubt be riding around on my epic flying mount by now. Still, I don't think I've got too long left to wait, since I've made the best part of 2000 gold since the Sunwell patch went live. And I've not even been playing every day, which is the really amazing thing. Another couple of weeks, and then I should never need to use a gryphon taxi in Outland ever again. In the last week or two, the whole artisan riding training thing has gone from seeming utterly unattainable to being a realistic short-term goal, which has no doubt really spurred on this current period of compulsive play. I'm not really sure what I'll do with Shareth once I've got the mount up and flying. I guess I'll go around the Outland instances I've missed, snaffling up some of the Rare quest rewards and raising a bit of faction reputation while I'm at it. Either way, I can't see myself stopping playing anytime soon, not with the PC release schedule looking so barren, anyway.

I suppose I should get around to playing some Sins of a Solar Empire, but I'm not in a strategy mood at the moment. What I really want is a single player RPG, but I've had my fill of Knights of the Old Republic and all the other Bioware ones for the moment. Kieron on RPS posted a nice piece on Vampire: Bloodlines earlier, and I'm quite tempted to dig that out again. I never quite got around to finishing it the first time around (I got too pissed off with all the bugs after I reached Chinatown), but people are saying nice things about the latest fan-patch, so I may try it again with that. I did adore playing as a Malkavian - such terrific dialogue - and Malkavian girls did get the best outfits... Mmmm, leather!
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