Thursday, April 10, 2008

Byte: Retail therapy

I've been a little bit under the weather recently, what with the actual weather (snow in April? is someone up there taking the piss?) and my girlfriend trying to kill me by bringing back a succession of viruses and germs back with her from the school she works at, so what can a young(ish) man of (modest) means do to cheer himself up?

Clearly, the answer is to indulge wantonly in drugs, alcohol, rock-and-roll and adoring groupies, but I'm kind of put off my the long-term health risks. So I had to make do with buying a new wireless modem router. Okay, so maybe it's not quite so edifying as snorting cocaine off the pert breasts of nubile 18-year-old redheads in a jacuzzi full of champagne, while Bohemian Rhapsody plays very loudly in the background, but it does have the advantage of being less likely to result in me being disowned by my girlfriend and family, not to mention being slightly cheaper and easier to arrange...

I've been after a new router for a few months now, as my current one has gone from the state of "occasionally not-working but mainly working" to "occasionally working but mainly not-working". Having to periodically rip the power cord out of the router to reset the dropped ADSL connection every time I want to use the internet was really beginning to get old. Besides, since it never worked properly with my Wii and never worked at all with my DS, it's been living on borrowed time for over a year. And since I've just been paid, the time has come for it to be replaced.

I decided to buy Netgear this time and splash out a bit, because they've got a solid reputation for home networking kit, and I'd been looking up model numbers to ensure Wii compatibility, and the Netgear routers seem to be the safest bets. After Kendo tonight (still having fun with that, by the way) I get to have the joy of setting it all up. And by "joy", I, of course, mean "pain". But at least it should be less of a pain in the bum than a router that decides for itself when it wants to work. I'll let you know how it all went tomorrow...
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