Friday, April 18, 2008

Bark: Mister Smoketoomuch... you better cut down a bit then!

Apologies for the gratuitous Monty Python quote... Not to be outdone by other ill people in my circle of friends, I've also been feeling pretty wretched lately. Constant, chronic headaches that last for weeks, disrupted sleeping patterns, anxiety, depression, lethargy, and generally just feeling like it's not worth getting out of bed, or that life is so crap that there's no point in even bothering anymore.

I wouldn't call it stress - still no grey hairs yet - but something's not right, and I've just been feeling like I've been digging myself into a hole for weeks, as the headaches are destroying any sense of concentration and focus I have, and it's almost impossible to sit down and work for any length of time at all. And like most people digging themselves a hole, it's only when you can hear the lava rumbling that you finally twig that it's time to stop. Which is what I did today - I saw my GP and was promptly diagnosed with chronic tension headaches and high blood pressure. While the headaches are what are sapping my will to live in the short-term, the blood pressure is potentially the more serious problem. High blood pressure in someone in their early-30's isn't a great sign, especially when your entire immediate family has the same problem, and my GP informs me that the typical cause is someone my age is kidney problems... though I guess we'll find out for sure over the next month or two, as I go for blood tests (because who knows what else is wrong?).

I don't suppose that this really comes as much of a surprise to me, as I know I drink too much, eat too much and don't exercise enough (and pretty much have done since I started working in IT), so there are definite lifestyle changes that need to be made. I guess it's also all just a part of getting older, too. I'm reminded of Sick Boy's Theory of Life in Trainspotting: you start out young, then you get old and cannae hack it... It's all downhill after 25, I'm afraid, chums. Getting older I can't do anything about, but thankfully everything else is treatable... I guess this means I'll have to spend less time indoors drinking and gaming myself to an early grave and spend more time at the gym. Which reminds me of the joke Bill Hicks made about Jim Fixx, who dropped dead of a heart attack in his early 50s, immediately after going out for his daily jog. You can't win, really. But at least you can die trying...
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